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Here the children have the opportunity to get acquainted with the sport of go-karting, without having to invest in their own go-kart, trailer, tools and spare parts. With us, the children drive in our rental maps, which are always ready for your visit. Likewise, it is not necessary to invest in equipment, as Vandel Gokart makes this available.

The season starts in April and ends in October.

You can register in the following two rows:

Mini series: 7 – 11 years. 120 – 150 cm. high. Here you drive in our junior karts.

Junior row: 12 – 18 years. from 150 cm. high. Here you drive in our adult karts.

If you are between 7 – 11 years old and over 150 cm tall, a test is first run in the mini class, after which we assess whether the child should be moved to the junior class.

Practice and hours

The trainings take place on Sundays in the period 10.00 – 12.00. (the children must be dressed and ready for training at 10.00).

A training day consists of a total of 30 minutes of efficient driving on the track. The driving time is divided into several sessions at each training, where the children can ask questions along the way and exchange experiences with each other during the breaks. There is a free form of training where children can together develop their driving skills and learn to ride a go-kart. Great emphasis is placed on the social togetherness in the club, and that the parents are welcome to get involved in the children’s training. There is plenty of opportunity in the club to enjoy motorsport, without having to have difficult tasks with maintenance of your own map, as well as large financial investments in your own equipment.

The child’s first training sessions are about practicing and developing as a rider. After a period, the children start running races against each other on the training days, where they can jointly develop towards equals.

The instructors on the training days are always available to answer questions, as well as to give good advice to become a better go-kart driver.


Price pr. practice is 345 DKK

If you book a minimum of 5 practice days at a time, you will earn a discount of 20 DKK pr. practice. Booking 10 practice days at a time will earn you a discount of 45 DKK pr. practice.


For registration in the Junior Club, a registration fee of DKK 150 is paid, which covers annual membership in the club, with login information for booking training days.

Once you have registered for the club, you can book training days during the season via our club calendar. You can choose to buy one ticket from time to time, or to knit parts of or your entire season together, and thus obtain a quantity discount when buying several training days.

There is room for 28 places in the mini row (7 – 11 years) and 40 places in the junior row (12 – 18 years)

You can join the club by the following links below:

We recommend that you book training at least twice a month, to get the optimal development which runs together with the other members.

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