The service package

– Driving instructions
– Medal ceremony
– Loan of racing suits and helmets
– Karts for both rain and dry weather
– Technology such as weight counterbalance and lap timers

All the above are standard services included at Vandel Gokart and does not require extra payment. It is simply included in our understanding of good service.

For hygiene purposes, bringing a helmet liner is obligatory. We sell these for 20 kroner. You are more than welcome to bring your own helmet liner or helmet, should you have one in your possession.

Children under the age of 18, without adult supervision, will need to bring a signed permission slip from their parents. The slips can be found here

Pre-register for racing here – and be ready when you arrive!

Shown below are the different race types we offer at Vandel Gokart.


Note! With bookings of teams with less than 13 persons Vandel Gokart reserves the right to put your team with another team. Combining a new team containing more than 13 persons will of course get you a group advantage, which will make go-karting cheaper for you or even make it possible to upgrade your type of race due to quantity discount. Furthermore, other various contestants will be a lot more fun for the competition in the long run. After the race, the teams will be split once more so that you can receive your results and medal ceremony with your own group.

Vandel Gokart draws attention to the fact that no further group discounts can be given to larger groups. We always invest in the newest equipment and karts, which secures our customers the best possible experience. We prioritize consistency and equal conditions for competition highly, and we never compromise when it concerns quality. Therefore, we own a unique setup for rainy weather. 22 karts with a new type of rain tires, that will secure you to the wet ground, are ready for you to use. On behalf of our optimal weather proof setup, our prices will remain non-negotiable.