Football golf – entertainment for all generations

Football golf is a discipline everyone can participate in, big and small. You will be presented with golf rules but technically speaking, football gold is about something we have all tried – kicking a football. Vandel Football Golf is an 18-hole course located in a scenic area. The 18 holes are set in 3 different height levels, with challenges like bunkers, pipes, and hollow panels, etc. All the holes are divided into ‘pairs’, which you have to try and conquer the course in. All the holes contain challenges that may affect the end results. Football golf is fun for everyone and in Vandel we have established tea-stops for women and children by selected holes. On the football gold course, we have set up tables and benches where you can enjoy food and beverages brought from home. We are doing everything we can to optimize the course’s standards in close cooperation with greenkeepers from the golf sport. Vandel Football Golf in located at Erhvervspark Vandel right next to the karting racetrack. For access to the area please call the number at the gate into the area. Enjoy!
pris   Children (below 14 years) 50 kroner. Adults 100 kroner. By buying green-fee you get: – Rental of select football. – Unlimited rounds the entire day. – A scoreboard and pencil. In case of non-payment, double payment is charged.
regler2   Football boots are not allowed on the course. Basic rules about playing football golf are described at the location.
We have a full 18 holes course, where you can play, compete and have fun.