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Parties and events

Whether it’s a birthday, confirmation, or another festive occasion where fresh air and activity are on the agenda, Vandel Go-kart is the perfect place for both big and little thrill-seekers.

Our event venue can be rented for half or full days and can include free use of the football golf course throughout the entire event or incorporate a go-kart session for the guests.

Our event venue accommodates 60 seated guests. It’s possible to rent the space for hosting a celebration with accompanying catering. For events with more than 60 guests, we have external venues and tent solutions for up to 300 people. Contact us for further information on larger venues.

You have the flexibility to choose whether you want the catering provided by Vandel Go-kart’s supplier or if you prefer to handle it yourselves.

We can handle all types of table settings and are ready to plan your day with you.

Service and catering

At Vandel Go-kart, we’re happy to help organize your event. Choose the table setting that suits your occasion, and we’ll assist in meeting any special requests.

We have a highly skilled food supplier at Vandel Go-kart. We offer the option to order sandwiches for enjoyment outdoors or a delicious go-kart buffet to be enjoyed in our facilities. If you have specific requests for your visit, please feel free to contact us.


  • WIFI
  • Large Screen for Presentations
  • Cloakroom Near the Event Venue
  • Toilet facilities for both men and women
  • Puzzle facilities
  • Football golf
  • Go-kart track

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