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“VG Kart Klub is a kart club for children aged 9 years and above (minimum height 140 cm) to adults. At VGKK, you can engage in high-level karting without having to invest in your own kart, tools, equipment, etc. Training takes place in our tuned rental karts and various track layouts. The junior training is on Sunday mornings, while senior training is on Wednesday evenings. During the season, a club championship is held, and winners are celebrated at the end season party. In the junior club, participants receive instruction from instructors, while in the senior club, it’s primarily about gaining skills and techniques through sparring with talented instructors.


Juniors club

Training takes place on Sundays from 09:30 to 11:30. Some Sundays are exempt from training due to holidays and special events on the track. The sessions are conducted by skilled instructors who are active drivers from VG PRO TEAM, participating in events such as the World Championships in rental karting and other international competitions. The season runs from April to October. No private equipment is needed, as karts, suits, and helmets are provided.

Each training day consists of a total of 30 minutes of effective driving on the track. The driving time is divided into several sessions during each training, allowing children to ask questions and exchange experiences with each other during breaks. In the initial training sessions, the focus is on practicing and developing as a driver. After a period, children start racing against each other on training days, collectively progressing and evolving together.


Registration fee, including 500 DKK, which covers a club t-shirt.

Monthly fee with the option of training every Sunday: 1,200 DKK.

Monthly fee with the option of training every other Sunday: 700 DKK.

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Seniors club

Training takes place on the second and last Wednesday of each month from 19:00 to 21:00. Some training sessions may be altered due to special events on the track. The training on the second Wednesday of the month focuses exclusively on practice, with different areas of emphasis. These focus areas are presented by instructors who are members of VG PRO TEAM. This is a great opportunity to enhance your karting skills and enjoy entertaining hours in a community around the sport. The training on the last Wednesday of the month is conducted in a race format. Variations occur in both race formats and the different track layouts that Vandel Kart Track can offer. Results from all events contribute to the overall VG Karting Cup, with winners being announced at a concluding prize event. The two lowest-scoring events are subtracted from the final results, allowing a driver to fully participate in the championship, even if they miss one event. Trophies will be awarded to the winners at the end-of-year ceremony.

A training day/race day consists of 45 minutes of effective driving time on the track, organized by the instructors. On a training day, the planned layout for the month’s championship event will always be used, providing an opportunity to gather tips and tricks from the instructors.


The monthly fee for two training days is 900 DKK, collected on the first business day of each month as part of the membership dues.

If you prefer to pay per training day, the cost is 550 DKK, payable directly at Vandel Go-Kart.

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