Dining – Order dining at Vandel Gokart

At Vandel Gokart we have a very qualified food supplier. We offer both the option of ordering a sandwich that can be enjoyed in the free or a delicious go-kart buffet than can be enjoyed on our premises. If you have any special requests for your visit, please feel free to contact us. Vandel Gokart has a large meeting/conference room with seating for 60 dining guests. The food must be ordered online the booking form below. Food reservations must be made no later than 10 days before the event. Bottled beer, soda, spring water, coffee as well as cocoa are sold on the course.

Drinks prices:

Bottled beer 20 kr. Soda 0,5 l. 25 kr. Spring water 15 kr. Coffee/cocoa 15 kr. Caffe Latte, Latte Macchiato og Cappucino 20 kr.  

Sandwich prices (min. 10 pcs.):

We offer large, delicious, freshly made sandwiches with different fillings. The sandwiches are perfect for satisfying hunger and are packed individually, so they are easy to enjoy out in the open. 49 kroner per pcs.

Single dishes from the buffet (min. 15 people)

Option 1 – Build yourself a pulled pork burger with coleslaw, mixed salad, and buttered potatoes. Option 2 – Marinated spareribs with mixed salad, a baked potato, and garlic butter. Free choice 159 kroner.

Gokart buffet (min. 15 people)

Our skilled food supplier has created an exciting buffet that can be ordered in addition to your event. Only the main course of the buffet can be selected, otherwise select tasty appetizers and/or desserts. From 198 kroner. Optional appetizers:
  • Mousse of salmon with roe, shrimps, fresh salat and salty almonds.
  • Carpaccio of graved veal, served with balsamico flavered mozzarella, chrispy croutons, fresh salat and semidried tomatoes.
  • Serrano ham with sour root vegetables, fresh salat and salty cucumber, crispy bread and basil oil.
  Main course buffet: – Spicy Pork filet wrapped in bacon – Chicken breast from Hop Balle Mill – Pasta salad with peber, herbs julienne and pesto – Broccoli salad with peber, red onions, carrots, coriander, parsley and lemon dressing – Mushrooms and cabbage sauté – Tomato and basil sauce – Buttered thyme potatoes. – Bread and butter. Optional desserts:
  • Mousse with berries on crispy sweets, with broken gel, vanilla creme, crunchy nuts and chocolate
  • Chocolate fragilite with espresso, chocolate flakes and marinated berries.
Main course buffet 198 kroner. 2 courses 247 kroner. 3 courses 296 kroner.

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    Choose food:

    Big sandwiches(min. 10 pcs.) 49,- pr. pcs.Single courses from buffet 159,- pr. person. (min. 15 persons)Gokart buffet from 198,- pr. person. (min. 15 persons)

    Choose sandwiches and amount:

    Choose course:

    Pulled pork burger with salad and potatoes 159,- pr. person. (min. 15 persons)

    Spareribs with baked potato, salad and bread 159,- pr. person (min. 15 persons)

    Gokart buffet:

    Main course buffet - Spicy Pork filet wrapped in bacon. Chicken breast from Hop Balle Mill. Pasta salad with peber, herbs julienne and pesto. Broccoli salad with peber, red onions, carrots, coriander, parsley and lemon dressing. Mushrooms and cabbage sauté. Tomato and basil sauce. Buttered thyme potatoes. Bread and butter. 198 kr.