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Vandel Go-Kart is proud to have a highly skilled catering partner. We offer the option to order a sandwich to be enjoyed outdoors or indulge in a delicious go-kart buffet within our premises. If you have specific requests for your visit, feel free to contact us.

Vandel Go-Kart features a spacious banquet and meeting room with seating for 60 dining guests. For events with more than 60 guests, we have external venues and tent solutions available for up to 300 people. Contact us for more information on larger venues.

Food should be ordered online using the order form below. Food orders must be placed at least 10 days before the event. We also offer bottled beer, soft drinks, mineral water, as well as coffee and cocoa on the track.


Wiener Schnitzel with potatoes, peas, and gravy, served from the buffet.
Go-Kart Schnitzel per person 185 DKK.

Large barbecue buffet (minimum 15 servings) (available from April 1, 2024)

Beef tenderloin steak with béarnaise sauce
Marinated chicken breast
Grilled beef sausage with chili
Potato salad with dill, onions & peas
Broccoli salad with spring onions, bacon, salted almonds & sour cream dressing
Salad with bell pepper, apricot, arugula, feta, olive oil & mint
Chive dressing
Raita with cucumber, mint & coriander
Homemade ketchup with mustard seeds
Whipped butter with fermented garlic
Focaccia bread with rosemary

Barbecue buffet per person 225 DKK.


Main Course Buffet

Pink-roasted veal seasoned with rosemary
Fried chicken breast
Puff pastry-wrapped pork tenderloin topped with bacon and mushrooms
2 varieties of potatoes
3 fresh salads with seasonal vegetables
Red wine sauce
Freshly baked bread and butter

Main Course Buffet 245 DKK

2-course buffet 295 DKK
3-course buffet 345 DKK

Choose one starter for the buffet (choose one kind)

Salmon roulade with marinated shrimp & salad
Shrimp cocktail with green asparagus & dressing
Smoked beef tenderloin with herb salad, pine nuts & homemade pesto

Choose one dessert for the buffet (choose one kind)

Panna cotta with white chocolate & raspberries
Tiramisu with berries & roasted nuts
Rhubarb cake with vanilla cream

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