Vandel Karting Cup is the opportunity to try motorsport on a serious level, without having to struggle with expensive investments in your own go-kart, trailer, own tools and equipment. We make sure that our go-karts are always top-trimmed, to help you on the way to the overall championship, or just the dream of participating in a real race series.



Vandel Karting Cup 2021 a race series over 6 divisions.


Sunday 30/5 at 12.30 (meeting time no later than 12.00)

Sunday 27/6 at 12.00 (meeting time no later than 11.30)

Sunday 25/7 at 12.00 (meeting time no later than 11.30)

Sunday 29/8 at 12.00 (meeting time no later than 11.30)

Saturday 18/9 (night race) at 20.00 (meeting time no later than 19.30)

Saturday 16/10 (night race) at 19.00 (meeting time no later than 18.30)


There are both an individual competition and a team championship. Each rider collects points on the day for the result of the day, as well as for the individual championship throughout the series. A team consists of two people, who get their individual rankings added together, for today’s team competition, as well as for the overall team championship.

A junior championship for u / 18 drivers will be calculated for the season. Participants under the age of 16 must be members of the Vandel Junior Karting Club to be able to count. If you are a member of Vandel Junior Karting Klub, you can participate from the year you turn 12.

There will also be prizes in the women’s row, both in the individual divisions, as well as in the final championship.

You can easily participate in individual departments without having ridden in all of them and you can participate in the race as an individual or as a team.

Weighing is always done in the series, so that all riders are weighed up to weigh min. 90 kg.



At each department, run in A-, B-, and C-rows, which the participants qualify for via the qualification round below.



First, all 54 drivers must go out in a Q1, which is an 8-minute qualification, here everyone gets a fastest time recorded and divided from 1 – 54. From here, 1 – 18 goes directly in the A-row, 19 – 36 goes directly in the B- the row and 37 – 54 must compete in the C-row.



After the qualifying round, the finals, with the C-row first, are settled in their sprint final of 8 minutes. Then there is the B-row sprint final and the A-row sprint final. Finally, the 14-minute master final is run for the C, B and A series.


Reverse starting order in the main finals. In the main finals for each row, the top 8 start in reverse order of how they finished in the sprint final. The remaining drivers start after the position they finished in the sprint final. Ie. that No. 1 in the sprint final starts No. 8 in the main final, No. 2 starts No. 7, and so on.


Trophies are awarded to the top 3 in both the A-, B- and C-rows, as well as in the junior and ladies’ rows, at each department.

At the championship GRAND FINAL and final division, the winners are awarded the overall individual championships, as well as the team championship.



A stand-in can be chosen for the team championship in the absence of a driver, which must always be min. one from the original team. Stand-in can only be used once for each rider on the team during the season (ie 2 times per team).


No ‘stand in’ can be selected for the individual championship. When calculating the final individual championship, the division where the fewest points have been scored is deducted.



The price per department is DKK 435. Tickets must be purchased online via event calendar on, and 54 seats are sold in advance of each department on a first-come, first-served basis.

Save 10% – buy all branches of the series and get a 10% discount. The discount is automatically deducted from the basket when all departments have been added.

If you have not previously ridden at Vandel Gokart, a driver registration must be filled out in connection with the purchase of a ticket, more info about this can be seen at the ticket page.

Visit Vandel Karting Cup’s youtube channel to watch lots of video from the series.



After each division, points are awarded to the championship according to the system below. For the team championship, the points of the two drivers are added together for the team.



In addition to trophies for each division in all rows, as well as trophies and prizes in connection with the final championship, the 2021 season offers some really exciting test runs for the 6 best placed riders in the overall championship. In order to create a connection from rental go-karts at a serious level, to motorsport’s further classes after go-karts, we now open up the possibility of offering the following to the 6 best-placed drivers.

Test day at the racetrack. Here the drivers will have the opportunity to show their skills in a real race car. * **

* In the event that the supplier of this no longer offers this option, there is another and similar premium

** To win the test days, you must not give a valid go-kart or track sports license, here the prize will go to the next amateur rider in the championship. However, other trophies and prizes can be won by everyone.

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