Best outdoor track in Denmark?

We have used our several years of experience to create the ultimate outdoor go-karting racetrack. It is made with 900 meters worth of challenges with no less than 14 swings, which makes the possibilities of overtaking others endless. The infamous Nascar swing is a feature that makes the track especially unique. It goes from inner to outer track and tilts with 2 meters. Before you reach the Nascar swing, you will need to make it through a swing with a slope of 120 cm. This creates the same effects as when you speed across a small hill on the highway, although you must keep your proximity to the ground in mind, which intensifies the movements considerably. The audience area is raised 2 meters above ground, which gives friends and family members the perfect view of the entire race and cool overtakings.

Take a trip around the course

This video shows a couple laps on our 900 meters racetrack. Here you can see the difference in slopes and the Nascar swing, which makes this outdoor track unique.