Lap timers on the steering wheels with live information for the driver

  Avoid hard-to-read scoreboards while driving and keep your focus on the race. At Vandel Gokart we have installed a lap timer on our weather proof carts, which sends you useful information during the race. For example, view your position rank live on the display, your lap times, as well as the difference between your lap times. The lap timer is especially usable during the qualification, where the field is wider. Generally, the lap timer will provide you with an amazing race feeling. The personnel can send you information from the pitstop, like informing you of an upcoming drop by, if they can manage to capture your attention from the awesome experience.
At the start of your race your name will be displayed so you know that you are in the correct kart.
View your lap times in the display and differences from lap to lap.
The lap timer shows you your position in the field while you drive, which is especially usable during the qualification.
If your lap time is faster than the last the background will be green when you cross the finish line.
If your lap time is slower than the last the background will be red when you cross the finish line.
Once the race is over you can view your position and best lap time in the display.

Go-karts with weight balancing

  Apart from the lap timer, which is a part of our “Karting Experience” concept, we also have a weight balancing system on our karts. This feature makes it possible for us to ensure that our contestants have an equal weight, which can affect the competition. We have developed this system ourselves to get an exact solution. With our system we can place weights in both right and left side of the karts. Thereby, we can distribute the weight equally, so the kart’s balance can be preserved. Furthermore, the weights can be placed in front or behind in the weight frame to affect the steering accordingly to the driver’s style to optimize the kart, so it fits your driving pattern perfectly. We can counterbalance up to 30 kg between drivers with our system.