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Drive go-karts near Vejle

If you and your friends, family member or colleagues often talk about go-karting in Vejle then there is good news for you: Vandel Gokart is only a short drive away from Vejle – and here you are guaranteed to discover who is the fastest behind the wheel!

Our huge outdoor racetrack creates a perfect scenario for an action-packed day with lots of speeding, sharp swings and a ton of laughter and good stories from the 900-meter track.

Go-karting near Vejle is no longer just a talking matter – just visit Vandel Gokart and enjoy the many laps full of adrenalin and intensity from a well-engineered racetrack and roaring go-karts with top speed at 80 km/h.

Go-karting is for everyone

Once you have dressed yourself in both a racing suit and helmet – both of which we will provide – we will tell you about the course and hand out some valuable tricks, which can make or break your placement on the podium. Afterwards, it is up to you whether it will be you or someone else who will take the crown.

Should you get the perfect combination of speed and tactical understanding for the many swings, curves, and exciting overtaking possibilities of the course, then it will be you flying passed the finish line first. No matter if you will be the best, or be beaten by a better man or woman, can we guarantee an action-packed day, full of loud laughter and good memories. Because go-karting is certainly for everyone.

Drive go-karts near Vejle in all types of weather

Whether there will be sun or rain, a great day awaits you on the huge outdoor racetrack. Often, the weather provides an exciting, tactical dimension where you will need to combine speed and how you enter the many curves and swings befitting of the circumstances.

We can guarantee a fun and breathless day no matter if it will be in a rain or sun go-kart – all you need to remember is bringing clothes according to the weather conditions.

Are you still interested in driving go-karts near Vejle? Book a time for an unforgettable day full of gasoline and eternal glory for the winner – the best in the group.