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Drive go-karts near Vejen

If you happen to dream about driving go-karts in Vejen, then you will not have to travel far before you can floor the accelerator and speed along at 80 km/h.

You can find Vandel Gokart a mere 35 minutes from Vejen, where unforgettable action on the huge outdoor racetrack awaits you.

Here, you will not find any coincidental wins but only the skillset of go-karting that can secure you a winning position above a boasting colleague, or even the family’s so called “patriarch”.

Place your last bets and make your “go-kart Vejen match” into a reality. You will have a race suit and helmet at your disposal, but it is only up to you to determine who will win all the glory.

Outdoor go-karting for all ages

Whether you are 15 or 55 years old, and no matter if you have any previous go-karting experience, we guarantee that adrenalin will pump through your veins.

Go-karting near Vejen will be an amazing experience on a huge, outdoor racetrack. It sets the perfect scenario for a day full of intensity, tactical maneuvers in curves and swings, as well as loud laughter.

You will receive instructions about the track’s curves, swings, and construction before the race. Furthermore, if you manage to convert our tips and trick into your own driving on the racetrack, it is highly likely that you will be the one in 1st place.

Go-karting near Vejen – sovereign entertainment in all types of weather

If you believe “perfect weather” is a condition for having a good time on the racetrack, fear not. Any type of weather is go-karting weather!

The track provides first class entertainment whether it is wet or dry. In fact, the weather often makes for new, unpredictable dimensions during the race. We have go-karts for all kinds of weather but of course it is important for you to bring your own weather friendly clothes.

Do you want to find Vejen’s go-karting champion? Book a time for an amazing and speedy day behind the wheel at Vandel Gokart. May the best man or woman win!