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Drive go-karts near Odense

Do you and your friends, family, or colleagues walk around with an indisputable question about who is the true champion of go-karting? Take a short 1 hour and 30-minute drive to Vandel Gokart, where 900 meters long, amazing outdoor go-kart track awaits you. On the roaring racetrack, under the open sky, you will discover who amongst you is the best behind the wheel. You get to experience the fresh air rushing against your body as your go-kart speeds off with 80 km/h – the weather can also be quick to change and add an exciting dimension that the best of drivers should be able to handle without any problems. Although, there is no need to worry – we have a kart for both rain and sun. The only thing you need to bring is clothes for all types of weather

Outdoor action-packed go-karting for everyone

When the green light is turned on and the start pistol sounds, there is only one direction that counts: you floor the accelerator and race to get yourself crowned as Odense’s go-kart champion amongst you and your competitors. Before you take a seat in your go-kart and get ready to feel your pulse rise, we naturally have a racing suit and helmet ready for you. Afterwards, you must listen closely while you are given a presentation of the racetrack. Advice will be given about how to speed through every lap, so paying attention will pay off. If you manage to convert the tips and tricks onto the track, there is a possibility that it might be you looking down upon third and second place when the winner is crowned. Listen carefully when you are told about the track’s many swings, curves, and stretches – especially when we mention the Nascar swing, which changes from inner to outer track and tilts by 2 meters. There are many good reasons as to why this swing has won several sneaky drivers the crown.

Book your Odense go-kart match

Does crowning the champion of go-karting in Odense still hold your interest? Then take the quick journey of 1 hour and 30 minutes. You will have reached our location before you are done with your bets for the day’s upcoming race. Remember: everything can happen on the racetrack – and the winner is far from predictable. Book a time for a day full of action, intensity, and adrenalin right here.