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Drive go-karts near Esbjerg

Do you, your friends, family, or colleagues often talk about go-karting in Esbjerg, then there is good news for you. You can find Vandel Gokart a mere one-hour drive away from Esbjerg, where all of you can try your strengths on 900 meters of outdoor racetrack, which will reveal who amongst you is the best on 4 wheels.

This is where you can proof your status as the king or queen of go-karting in Esbjerg definitively. The track provides a real, authentic race, where both speed and tactics are required for victory.

A racetrack with challenges for everyone

Vandel Gokart’s big, 900 meters, outdoor racetrack is full of possibilities for overtaking as well as stealing the leading position – or 900 meters of other go-karts trying to overtake you.

No matter your previous experience with go-karting we can guarantee an amazing day full of adrenalin and intensity from start to finish.

When you arrive, you will change into a race suit and helmet, and then receive an introduction to the track. Paying attention can pay off, as tips and tricks are shared that can help you save time each lap – and crown you as the winner of go-kart race in Esbjerg.

The racetrack provides challenges for everyone. Whether you are an experienced driver or a novice the track is full of curves, swings, and distances for you to conquer. For example, the infamous Nascar swing can be critical for the progression of the race because it changes from inner to outer track and tilts with 2 meters.

Take a short trip and crown the winner of go-karting in Esbjerg

The trip from Esbjerg to Vandel is a one-hour drive and you can spend the time on the road making bets and predictions for the turnouts of the day. We guarantee that once you are behind the wheel in the roaring area of go-karts, anything can happen.

We provide everything you need, if only you remember to dress accordingly for the weather. We have go-karts intended for any kind of weather and we promise – no matter the weather conditions and its unpredictable impact on the race – that you will have a wonderful day.

Do you still find yourself interested in go-karting near Esbjerg? Book a time at Vandel Gokart and find out if it is you, who is going to stand on top of the podium.