Outdoor go-karting with guaranteed adrenalin

We all want to know who amongst family, friends, and colleagues is the fastest in a go-kart. For example, who does not want the opportunity to put their boss in their place during a company trip or give a lesson in karting to a boasting friend? Those are exactly the things you can do in outdoor go-karting. Put your friends on the backburner in a match where it is the ability to control the exhilaratingly speedy kart, and race the most laps, that results in access to the top spot on the podium. Once you have won – by a head more than second and third place – you will forever own the bragging rights to everything that concerns speed and gasoline. With its central location in Jutland, our racetrack is particularly suitable for both private and business arrangements from the surrounding cities Billund, Vejle, Kolding, Esbjerg, Herning, Vejen, Aarhus, and Odense – however, guests from all around the country are more than welcome to drop by and take a drive in our outdoor go-karts.  

900 Meters of possibilities for overtaking

Foot resting above the accelerator, jittering, the smell of gasoline hanging in the air and adrenaline pumping through your veins. You are sitting a few centimeters above the ground, waiting for the start signal and maximum speeds at 80 km/h. The red light is still on but in a few seconds the entire area of go-karts will roar and hiss – and the race will begin! Have you tried driving our karts outside? In that case, you are very familiar with the scenario above. If not, then let us tell you why it is hours of fun you will not want to miss. When you and your group arrive, you will be registered and receive instructions about the racetrack and its conditions. The reason being the fact that there is more to go-karting than the interaction between the break and the accelerator. It is a game of tactics that can be won by utilizing the track strategically and by being smart in the right places. There are equally many distances to speed and no less than 14 swings if you want to overtake – or defend your leading position. For example, the Nascar swing is critical because it changes from inner to outer track and tilts with 2 meters! Once you have received instructions, it is time to change into a race driver suit. You can arrive in your own clothes and experience all the outdoor activities (which would be practical, should you have other plans on the same day). However, during the race you will be wearing a racing suit and helmet – which we naturally will be providing. Once you have changed, it is off to the racetrack where the real action takes place! The exhilarating track will make you dance – and we guarantee that you will shout and laugh wildly behind the transparent visor, when meter upon meter is taken with every lap.  

Is there such a thing as bad weather on a go-kart track?

No, bad weather does not exist. Not behind the wheel in our go-karts and especially not at our place, where we have karts ready for all kinds of weather. Naturally, the weather conditions play a factor in your go-kart experience but no matter if there is rain or sun, the countless of funny and different experiences have yet to come. While a wet racetrack demands full concentration, and offers a new dimension to the race, a dry racetrack invites to higher speed limits as well as a more daring approach in swings and curves. Different factors can have an unpredictable impact on your race, from everything such as your friends’ behavior to the weather conditions. It is important that you adjust your attire to the weather accordingly, so you are prepared for any kind of weather.